Yoh Akiyama 秋山 耀

  • Research interests:HCI, TUI,Personal Fabrication,Electronic Modeling Support



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When printing both self-making and existing 3D models, users often create models to fit to a real object within it. Fitting models to the size of a real object is a delicate problem. To address it, we present a concept to capture the size of a real object, create or modify a model that conforms to the captured image, and print the model on the spot. We create a 3D printer to realize this concept by installing a touch panel display in the build plate system. In this paper, we focus on creating containers that fit accessories. We create containers for a pair of scissors, a smart watch, a drone, a pair of glasses, and a pen holder.

Yoh Akiyama and Homei Miyashita. Fitter: A System for Easily Printing Objects that Fit Real Objects. Proceedings of the adjunct publication of the 29th annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology(UIST2016), pp.129-131, 2016.

Projectron Mapping

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Digital fabrication and physical computing have become widespread, andthe eld of electronics has recently attracted the general public, requiring a novice userto understand speci cations of parts. A user is often demotivated when learning withspeci cation sheets and without real experience. In this thesis, we present a system toachieve both, a sense of reality and high-speed learning through trial and error. Oursystem uses lighting with projection mapping, even over 3D printed mock-ups, to createa software simulator with a high sense of reality, thereby motivating users to learn. Thispaper describes the con guration of the system and presents user feedback received fromthe demonstration of the system.

Yoh Akiyama and Homei Miyashita. Projectron Mapping: The Exercise and Extension of Augmented Workspaces for Learning Electronic Modeling through Projection Mapping. Proceedings of the adjunct publication of the 27th annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology(UIST2014), pp.57-58, 2014.


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